Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pack Rat

First to admit it, I'm a pack rat. Luckily, smirk.

The care homes often don't send his hangers back with his laundry. When ironing today, I'm way too short of hangers.

"I just know I have a box of hangers secreted away somewhere". Victory is opening a box wisely marked, "Hangers" and there they were, nice and clean, tied with elastic bands in a recycle bag and then in their box!

Some days it pays to pack rat - - -


Granny Annie said...

Sure, I've got extra hangers so I share a big bundle with family only to need hangers the next day and find myself out. LOL

Jeanne said...

Love you
Our neighbor took the picture of the deer
I was on my walk and there it was
Love you

Pyatshaw said...

Over here (UK) wire coat hangers seem to breed in the wardrobe. I've far too many and would gladly send you some just to clear the clutter...everything comes on a hanger!