Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a Scary World - - -

Having been following the story of the university gal who left a concert and then could not get back in - subsequently has never been seen again.

This is something which should be changed. Last week we paid for a dinner (pre-concert) and asked if we could leave to go out as there was 90 minutes til concert time. A supervisor was called and she assured us that we could return although normally they don't allow it. Her explanation was that people go out and drink and then return.

I guess looking at us, she thought, "No way." and let us out.

Well, what a time trying to get back in. "Sorry, your ticket has been scanned already, can't come in!"

We motioned to where the supervisor stood, (of course she was on a break). They absolutely refused us entry until an officer who heard our earlier conversation vouched for it.

So, lesson learned for us. Sadly, the young lady wasn't so fortunate and is missing.

(Someone in law enforcement said it takes 20 seconds to abduct an adult female - scary stuff)

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Granny Annie said...

Another reason not to go to concerts.