Friday, August 27, 2010

So I got tired of braiding them, then pinning to the top of my head.
"Hello, Ms. Eyebrow Waxer? It's the braider, any time available for me?"

"You're booked til end of August. Ok, I'll perm them."

Anyway, it's been terrible trying to find a new esthetician, one who washes her hands - little things like that.

Sometimes I wonder about myself. Booked into a new place to have my brows waxed. It was a lovely new shop but as I closed my eyes dreaming about not having to braid my eyebrows for a while, she proceeds to apply the wax. No hand washing. No sink for Heaven's sake - saw that as I rolled of her table.

I paid her, tipped her (for being unsanitary) and will not go back. Help me understand why I'm such a wimp.


Granny Annie said...

I am quite sure, after reading this post, that someone from Hollywood will see it and sign you for a SiFi movie with ladies who have braided eyebrows!

Did you suggest to this technician that hand washing and being sanitary is a big deal these days?

Dolores said...

Braided eyebrows..... that's hilarious! Yes, hands should be washed!

I must be getting 'old'.... yuck, but my eyebrows aren't growing like they did in years past. I suppose that's one advantage to aging.

karen said...

So funny. Braided eyebrows. I need mine done. Never have had them waxed but the lady who cutes my hair is alway telling me I need to have the top of them waxed. I say how much? She says $10 . I say no. When she says free I will say Yes. I do puck the bottom of them. :/

Donna B said...

I am starting to believe you and I have so much in common...

I have a FOREST of eye brows above my eyes. When I pluck them, my checks look I am turning into a werewolf!

I tried saving, waxing, and even "threading", but keep returning to plucking because they grow too fast! Wish I was more like Dolores...I wish mine would stop growing!

I could braid mine too...I get these long wild hairs that stick up like redwoods above the eyebrow forest. I get my crazy brows from my Dad. His eyebrows grow into a mustache!

Terra said...

Could you dare to say "I noticed you didn't wash your hands"? Of course, that sounds like a very unsanitary place to visit, so you are wise to look elsewhere.