Tuesday, January 18, 2011


(1)Rent a hospital bed right away I didn't think of it til I tried Wayne's bed out - you have to sleep upright for 3 weeks - a recliner gets mighty tiresome - no good sleeps.

(2)buy a gel cushion to sleep on- my bum was always kind of numb and the sciatica started acting up-cushion relieved both

(3) have a hair cut you and shower and go - not allowed to shower til 8th day and sponge baths were ok but was dreamy to heat arm and shoulder up under hot water before exercising

(4) have a low bath stool so you can fill tub and soak-just helps mentally to soak
(5) empty your purse of all items except absolute necessities

(6)if you can, sleep during day-a great healer - i still was able to sleep at night

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kenju said...

Good advice. I'll try to keep them in mind if I am unlucky enough to fall and break something.