Monday, June 27, 2011

The Dump and the Deal:)

I drove behind the truck and homemade trailer for several miles. "Some lady is going to mighty upset to see how her furniture was piled - a beautiful damask covered bench resting on raw plywood."

As I headed toward home, a thought stuck me, "He couldn't be taking it to our landfill!"

Yes, indeed, he turned in and I followed, ignoring the lady in the booth.

"Sir, I just love that bench, may I have it, please? I'll pay you."

He graciously refused money saying he couldn't give it away and his wife told him to take all the furnishings to the landfill. I was just sick, a beautiful set of lawn furniture mad e of heavy metal, the cushions, a sofa and miscellaneous items. If only I had my little truck, I'd have taken the lawn set.

Anyway, picture will be posted soon - misplace my cable!


Ruth said...

Couldn't give it away?! They should have put it up for free on Kijiji. Anything usable that we put at our curb before garbage pickup always disappears overnight.

Dolores said...

Lucky that you saw what you liked and followed him to the landfill..... I can't imagine taking usable items to the landfill.

Wendy said...

I'm with Ruth. Post it on kijiji or put it at the curb.
Too bad you didn't have your truck.

Donna B said...

I agree with Ruth and Wendy...put it on the curb and it disappears...someone takes it. What about Craig's List for free? Obviously, they did not want to bother. SCORE for you though...wish you had your truck.

Your flower photos are beautiful...When we lived in CA I so enjoyed planting Impatients and digging in the earth. Living in Nevada, it is no longer is like MINING the dirt is so hard.