Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Experience

Flying home from New Orleans, our plane had 30 men and women just returning from overseas.

Part way into the flight, the lead flight attendant called our attention and said she'd like to acknowledge that we had very special passengers on board. I got goosebumps right away - I just knew it was troops she was referring to.

She gave a very short thank you to them. Only one was in first class sitting in the window seat across the aisle from me. I'd love to have nodded to him and smiled but the whole long flight he kept his face turned to the window - never moving. I did not know others were on board. I'd have gladly given my seat to one of them.

As the flight progressed, I wondered what this very young man was thinking.

Time to deplane and of course everyone allowed the troops off first. They were all very young except for one "old guy" about 40:)

While we waited for luggage, they hugged and kidded around with one another and we all gave them their space. There were 4 women.

My brother sent a piece about returning troops being greeted by former pres. Bush and his wife Laura. I attach one picture from his email.Thanks again to these brave souls.


Dolores said...

Yes, we owe them so much....
Glad some were returning home...

Granny Annie said...

We do owe so much to our returning troops plus we are finally thanking our retired military for previous service. My husband was shocked a few years ago when people would learn he had been in the Navy and out of the blue would thank him for his service. He originally returned at the end of the Vietnam war and people were only spitting on our troops then. The other day at his radiation appointment a woman we had met at treatment gave him a nice book as a gift to "thank him for his service". He was very humbled.