Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is anyone else hooked on Chico's? I love the place and find the styles and colors wonderful for me.Signed up for their emails and catalogues - it's Christmas everyday in my mind:)

***The link doesn't work for me but if you're interested go to :


Dolores said...

I too love Chico's. I've ordered on line, but there's also a Chico's outlet store in a town 20 minutes from here.
Their clothes stay looking nice for a long time.
My favorite is their travelers pants.

Wendy said...

I absolutely adore Chicos!! Whenever I'm in Florida, I head straight there. Love the clothes, love the colours and love being in a size 0 or 1, rather than 8 or 10. LOL!!!

I too get their catalog and on-line specials, but I just can't order clothes. I have to try things on and I have to feel the fabric. So I just drool over the clothes on-line, especially in wintertime. And wait until I go on vacation to buy.

Wish we had an outlet here in Canada.