Friday, March 22, 2013

Hands Off!!!

So yesterday afternoon I attended a neighborhood "meet your neighbor" get together I walked over to get some sparkling water when a friend handed me a glass of Merlot (my fav).

Maybe I had one sip when a new acquaintance gestured with his hand and knocked my glass into my lap. My favorite cream dress pants and matching jacket are ruined as is the shell I wore under the jacket.

It's such a shock that everything is in slow motion - taking seconds to happen. I didnt even try to jump out of the way.'

"Googles your friend, Mom" echoed thru my head so I faithfully tried all the miracles -none worked.

The dry cleaner today told me if red wine ever spills to not try anything!!! Leave it to him. I will see result Saturday:)


Granny Annie said...

That tale caused me great distress! Hope everything is A-OK on Saturday.

Beverly said...

that happened to me at my son's wedding....wore the dress once. Hope you have better luck!

Luckymom22 said...

Please update--inquiring (and caring) minds in San Dieo want to know if the dry cleaner was able to work his magic on the wine stain...let us know and take care! Janice in San Diego