Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ear Re-piercing - - -

So, about 50 plus years ago a group of my "friends" met at ****'s house before choir practice. 

The conversation came around to ear piercing and once the "mob" realized my ears were all pink and healthy, decided to make them painful, infected and very angry red!

They dragged me off to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet seat - I've no idea why toilet seat and not kitchen chair - maybe her mom would have intervened - if only:)

That night I couldn't sleep for the pain and woke up with swollen, sore, you name it earlobes.

The right ear didn't have a good hole and I have fought to put earrings in for ages.

Monday, at Merle Norman, I was waiting for a makeup lesson - why, I don't know as rarely wear it. Anyway, I heard a bloodcurdling, furious scream emerge from a back area and realized a toddler just had her ears pierced.

By this time I had requested the tech re-do my ear - that toddler had nothing on me! I couldn't cream out loud as that would have been pitiful but I did a big one silently! What a wimp.

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Mevely317 said...

This made me laugh out-loud, Jean!
... only, on account my best friend and I shared a similar (first) experience. While she went for a re-do a few months later, it was 20 years before I took the plunge.
For the life of me, I can't understand those with multiple holes up and around their lobes. (just saying...)