Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cure for Insomnia

Eureka, I have found it- the cure for insomnia, that is. Being my first blog entry please try to stay awake until I finish this sentence - I know it's a lot to ask as I'm nodding off myself -zzzzzzzzz

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A said...

Not a thing boring about this fresh new venture of yours! Although thoroughly entertained by your comically descriptive 'splut' onto the kitchen floor, for me it generated much more sympathy than amusement!
As over the years history has proven we are indeed brother and sister, I have experienced many of my own 'spluts'! I also know that when one hits that floor, it's hard...and it hurts!! You've never told me about this before!? Forever a stoic lass to suffer in silence. (smile) What are brothers' for??