Saturday, January 13, 2007

Paying the Piper

So bought these classy navy PJ's with piping trim on arms, neck and pant legs - killer piping. Seems I never go the speed limit at home - I can't slow down - it's 5:30am and I'm cruising out of the laundry room, hammer down.Caught my left big toe in the right pant leg. Splut. If splut were an Olympic sport I'd rate a 9.

I landed face first on my nose - thankfully my eyeglasses flew off skidding under the rocking chair. After all body parts stopped moving I took stock- nothing broken, nose very sore, forehead hurts, knees are burning, right toes hurt and wrists are zinging unhappy messages to me.

Keeping in mind it's 5:30am and my man is sleeping in the far corner of the house from where I am, I call out- my pitiful wail sounded like "Mew" so Buddy the cat saunters in. Checks out me, his food bowl and seeing nothing of interest - "I see you're lying down on the job again "- and heads back to bed.

I think Buddy took pity and whispered in my man's ear because he appeared shortly. Five minutes and I was so sore and stiff! Lending me his hands to get up and always a man of understatement, he asked what I was doing - I said "laundry". Keep her under 50k's on the corners next time.

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A said...

Hi may already know that I just entered a comment? The title of your blog generated some curiousity, however, and I forget to mention before.
I liked it!
Was it a random choice that popped up, or is there something special behind it??
PS Would that be your's, W's, AND Buddy's world?? (grin)
Cheers...your bro'