Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Some people hate fwd's - I don't mind them at all. Seems to me if someone takes the time to think of me, feel I may enjoy the info/joke, etc. and bothers to send it to me, I should be pleased and actually honored.
Due to much "busyness" in my life, I had little time to surf around for fun. People who knew - and cared about us - realized this and sent fwd's . Really appreciated it and I still do. Since my retirement, some of the "busyness" has eased but thank goodness people who care, still zip off info, recipes, beautiful pictures and cartoons. I'm a bit gun shy myself as got a very snippy, wordy email somewhere along the lines"if you can't think of something original, don't bother sending a fwd". Alrighty then - where is that Delete button?? Problem solved. The humor of it all is that the snotty request was a fwd!!!A bit of irony and that has always tickled me.

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