Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"We Know You Do What's Best"

So we are living with issues and conditions that perhaps we wouldn't wish on anyone - but, and it's a big but- we always feel "it could be worse". Everyday is a challenge but caring for each other gets us through.
Had a nice phone call Jan. 21 from Chef and he said he and his brother are comfortable with the choices and decisions I make in life.
I thanked him and hung the phone up and carried on with my day, dancing on light slippers! That night I was thinking about things and our conversation came to mind. I was overwhelmed with happiness that they feel that way - and mostly that they told me. Of course everyone tries to make the right choices in life for their families but you don't know how people feel if they don't tell you.
That call made my heart sing- and I'll never forget the sentiment and support. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Love you both more than my life itself.

Love, Mom

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