Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Twice the Misery, Just Kidding"

Every morn, first thing I do is check "my schedule" for any appointments. With great happiness and merriment I saw: Mammogram 1pm. Well, now I just know it's going to be a lovely day. And I have all morning to get ready and fuss.

Anyway, off to the appointment. Checking in about 20 minutes early, I approached the desk- "I'm here".She smiled at me and said they would have to see the other victims first - their appointments were before mine. Fair enough. So I do what I always do, start writing recipes from their magazines. My issue featured chicken breasts.

Just as my sis and I were frantically scratching out recipes and forgetting why I am there, a little old lady marched out from the dressing rooms. She glared at me, all 5 feet of her and said"It's a torture chamber in there". I smiled my thanks and thought now would be a good time to wheel out the door with her- when I heard"Madame Coward, you may come in now".
Anyway, we head off for lunch nearby - afterwards I check my messages-"Madame Coward? Ah, there seems to be a problem with one of the films - could you swing by again (no pun intended) and we'll just re-do the right side." When I arrived, the lovely tech was indeed waiting at the desk - she is a nice gal and I appreciated her seeing me right away. I told her,"Don't worry about a gown this time" - She was cool and merrily said"Ok" to the clatter of several purses and magazines behind us - of course we meant in the op.

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