Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Genius at Work!

Well, I sure blew it with this food choice! I needed a quick supper so grabbed a "healthy" vegetarian lasagna. Read the label, you say? Is that a new idea? Too late - we've eaten it but how disappointing. Delicious, of course, all that fat makes things taste good. I was about to recycle the over wrap and read it- they call it "Nutritional Facts". a misnomer to be sure. Sorry, the print doesn't show well (or at all) but the calories are 420 for 1/8 of the 2 kg pak, cholesterol is 65mg, Fat34% and Sat/trans 68%. Came close to barfing right there. I should know better and dietitians are always saying"Read the label" - this won't happen again, my friends. I make my own vegetarian chili which is way,way less but rushing as usual.

And why the heck doesn't my post look like the preview pic!!?? Not my day, grrrrr.

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Trish said...

I'm with you on this one -- not just on the veggie lasagna, but on the issue of "Why Doesn't My Post Look Like The Preview Pic?" That drives me NUTS!!!!! But considering that as the most annoying thing about blogging, I suppose we'll just blog along as usual!