Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Whistle Britches"

"Hey, Whistle Britches, how about a refill?"
I'm in Grade 12 and my friend Sandy and I are working weekends at this restaurant- there were booths and tables and a coffee bar - don't remember how many seats but I was "it" as the waitress and Sandy was the "cook". Don't know if we got tips in those days - I don't think so.
When I think of it now, can't believe he left 2 teens to run his restaurant- it was in a gas station so a bit busy. I'd look up and see Sandy scurrying about in the kitchen. There was a square cut in the wall about 12" so we could pass orders and the prepared meals. All meals were prepared from scratch so we'd go in early to peel potatoes.

Anyway, one time a regular trucker came in and saw me roaring around and called me Whistle Britches. After that, I had a new name.


A said...

Well, that spun me back in time like a tornado! I'd forgotten all about that place! You are referring to the 'BA' on the highway near the I right? Yeah?? Thanks for the 'memories'!

Jean said...

Funny,eh? Yeah, that's the place. HOw he ever let 2 "kids" run his place is beyond me but we had repeat customers!!Can't figure that out.