Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Love is in the Air - Snow, too"

Well, it's Valentine's day and Mother Nature gave us sparkling diamonds- not exactly the ones I was looking for- a fairly good snowfall with wind!! Thank you, MN.
After we coffee'd and read the paper we set out to get the cherished cheesecake for dinner tonight-the lady at the bakery said, "we only get it on Friday's" - I grumbled to myself, "you're a bakery, you buy it??!!" Being I rarely make or serve desserts now due to our metabolism's taking a nap, this choked me. So now it will be Lite Chocolate Mousse (ackk!) with fresh strawberries - not bad but definitely not cheesecake.
I just prepared the carrots, onions, red pepper and asparagus so all I have to do is the ravioli and bake the casserole.
This kind of sounds like work- maybe we should change the tradition and go out for dinner next year. Actually, no, we prefer to eat in at our leisurely pace.

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