Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rosemary for Cooking

So I've always wanted a nice rosemary plant. They don't "over-winter" here which is sad. Planted one the spring of 2006 and it did well - especially when you consider I stepped on it twice in the garden.
My bro has a 5' tall one and he uses it a lot for cooking. It's mellow enough where he lives that it survives the winters.

My friend lays a bed of rosemary on the BBQ, then sets her chicken pieces on it - delicious!

Also, they are just pretty little plants.


Anonymous said...

What a good idea,"thank's",
I'm going to buy one this Spring.
Now you have me thinking about planting my flower pots.

Jean said...

And spring is just around the corner - well, not looking at the snow in our yard but ---