Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Word Games #4

The word for today is: ALBINOS

my list is: sail, slob, bins, in, on, nail, slab, so, also, lab, lions, ion, bans, bail, soil, oil, nob, sin

As promised, a week ahead, the word for next week is: HOCKEY - I should have used Parmesan!

As per, the new word for next week is Parmesan. Not hockey - hockey was tough, anyway.


shirl said...

How about the word,nib?

Jean said...

Yup! Got me again - we need your word

shirl said...

let's go with" parmesan," i think it's a good one!

Jean said...

Ouch. Salt in the wound, perhaps? Just kidding - "parm on the brain" - Ok. I'll put it up.

Jean said...

I missed "loin"?