Friday, March 23, 2007

Down for the Count, Me not the Cat

So I've heard of arm wrestling, mud wrestling - you get the gist. That's nothing. Try cat wrestling- it's time to put ointment in both his eyes. Tonight is the first time he "caught on" and darted away with a wee little mew when he heard me open the box.
Anyway, I have to turn him upside down between my legs with one leg over him, ointment in my hand and other hand trying to pry open a "tightly squeezed shut" eye. This all takes place in the recliner, to try to give me the advantage, ha,ha,ha.
After much "to-do", I accomplished my mission and he had the audacity to beg for "treats" - which he gets after his manicure.
Ah, well, only one more week of drops to go - do I hear crying? Yeah and it's me.
BTW, how come the vet just does it so easily? Practice makes perfect?!


shirl said...

I'd like tickets to the next performance!

Jean said...

You are def. invited (to hold down the cat).