Friday, March 23, 2007

So - What do you Think?

Have to give credit to Mark for this shot - I find it so interesting. Sorry folks, as usual, I don't know how I'm getting that linky thing as I really am just trying to type!When I want the linky thing, no way!


Helena Rocca said...

Well, Jean, I know this much: I thoroughly enjoyed myself tonight, reading your blog!

I especially enjoyed the post about your blog name.

"Last Friday we were listening to Elvis' rendition of "Welcome to my World" and as I walked by, my man reached out - we waltzed with Elvis serenading us..."

I am glad you are blessed with so much love... and, as I see from other posts, a great sense of humour, too!

Jean said...

Thanks,Helena! Your post about cuddling up in bed just did me in! Seems we both have a great love and that is something to be happy for- but I cannot imagine your loss. J
BTW, may I link your blog to mine- I think people would learn to appreciate what they have.

Helena Rocca said...

Sure, Jean. I'd be honoured.

And, you are so right, we have so much to be happy about and grateful for.

Thanks for smiles you brought tonight. You are a wonderful writer!

Jean said...

I tried to read your comment to my Man and just broke down!

Jean said...

PS Glad you got that holiday in! xx

Helena Rocca said...

I haven't gone on that holiday yet. The photo I posted was from a holiday at a friend's place in the Caribbean 3 1/2 years ago, the only one I ever took without my man since our marriage. It was intended as a sort of self-motivation to do something pleasurable for myself before I get back to work. I've been checking sell-off vacations every day, and hope to go within the next three weeks.

I hope you will write more about your man and your life together. What a great couple you are!