Friday, March 23, 2007

Friends - 3 were missing! Someday - - -

So, here's Elaine, Petra, Shirl and Trish yakking their hearts out (I'm slaving in the kitchen:) because it's the first time we all got together. Lots to talk about and learn about each other. The "party" broke up at 5:30pm - can you imagine?


Elaine said...

Someday might just come true some time. I really hope to get back out to Beautiful BC in the next few years. I really miss the great friends, and the beautiful mountains.

Jean said...

Could you hop a WestJet for a few days? How's it going?

shirl said...

This would be such fun, maybe it will
happen one day!

Petra said...

Somedays come sooner than you think!!
Have discovered a most decadent
recipe for Tiramisu (true Italian
recipe)..will be trying it out on
hubby in the next few days, if it
passes inspection, it will be my
contribution to the kaffe klutch,
so do a few runs around the block
in readiness!!!!!!

Jean said...

Dacadent is good, Petra.