Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gorgeous day -10 degrees and a soft breeze. Rod came to work in the yard again and hauled a load to the dump. I cleaned out the cedars along the back yard- 12 bags of dry stuff- good for my compost, though.

If all goes well I may get our peas in this week as it's perfect for that. The perennial bed is 80% cleared and I'll be able to move some perennials in there next week.

Hope you guys had a good day.


Elaine said...

I bet it feels great to be in your yard and getting so much done. Good for you!!! We've had a nice day here too and the snow is really going down. I can actually get to the end of my driveway now without fearing the ice. Plus 6 out the last time I looked. Keep up the blogs, I really enjoy reading them.

Petra said...

It is great to be outside mucking
about in the dirt....27 C here
today, unseasonable, but I did
not complain.

Jean said...

Thanks Ladies!

Jean said...

Petra- is your growing season early - when do you put tomatoes in generally.I put them in May 5th or so but put 4 litre milk jugs over them so it's a bit of a pain.Can't grow g peppers here unless well protected as we have lots of lake/mountain winds.

Trish said...

Oh to have a day in the garden! It's been nice here, but threatening 30's and 40's again next week -- enough already!
I am looking for shrubs/flowers/IDEAS for the front of my house -- nothing will grow there. I will post pics tomorrow, looking for suggestions!

Jean said...

Can't wait for the pics, Trish. Are you very far out of the city? My post looks like I wrote -10 It was 10 dgress which is about 50 in your temps:) The recipe binder was a nice touch.Keep well.

Petra said...

Jean - we are in the process of
planting the lettuce, radishes,
tomatoes, peppers, broccoli in a
special bed that we cover with plastic each night and remove each morning. Transplanting the seedlings takes place 3rd week in
April. The lettuce and radishes
tough it out sans the plastic. We
eat from our garden until frost,
which is usually near the end of
October here. Tomatoes are harvested when ripe and immediately
taken to the kitchen where they
are made into salsa and juice and
sauce. Peppers go into the salsa
as well the juice if I go the V 8 route. The rest is frozen.

Petra said...

Betts go into the ground in a couple of weeks and are ready to
harvest and pickle 2nd week in
July. The potatoes will be going
in next week (Good Friday). We harvest them as needed and when
heavy frost finally hits, we
harvest the balance .