Monday, March 26, 2007

I hold you in my arms and rock

To chase the monsters from your mind

I murmur calm assuring words

Be still my Love and quiet falls

"Thank You, Honey" softly formed

I answer with a tight embrace

A single tear slides down my cheek

My aching heart now rent anew


Petra said...

I ache with you..

the trick is to move past the sadness to a place of gratitude.
Cherish, oh cherish the past but not get stuck in it. Allow your
heart to be open to new gifts...

Your poetry is very moving.

Petra said...


my mother went through this with my
father for 10 years. So I do know your hurt, truly I do!!!!

Trish said...

You are such a comfort to those around you. God has truly given you a gift for comforting others and for bringing peace to others.

Jean said...

Thanks for the support! I removed the post but after phone calls, re-posted it.