Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'll Have the Other One Now"

So my bro and I are heading out of the city after visiting Mom and Dad - it's about 15 minutes from their house (still in the city) and he says:"I'll have a turkey sandwich" . OK - I reach into the lunch bag and offer him the sandwich.
He munches away and sheepishly says he'll have another one now - perhaps the city limit sign got to him. "That's it" He turned to me with the most incredible look on his face and just couldn't believe Mom actually only made one. "Well, I wouldn't have eaten it so soon if I had known there was only one!"
"Remember in the kitchen, just before we left, she wanted to make more and you said," No, no, only one as the turkey isn't that big." Ha,ha,ha, well, for once Mom listened.

I have to tell folks who don't know us, years ago we packed lunches we should have been embarrassed about. As the metabolism slowed, our lunches lightened but it was a blast while it lasted. In our defence we were travelling dangerous mountain passes so had to have "provisions" - summer or winter:)

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shirl said...

You brought alot of memories back,
it's true,mom insisted ...just in case. It's the pumpkin pie, i remember best,do you remember that episode?