Saturday, March 17, 2007

Leftovers or Planned Overs?

We have to think of a new name for leftovers - sounds rather "not good". I'm so lucky we both love leftovers. Some dishes such as stews, really improve with a day's sitting. Last night I made 6 breasts and we eat one each at a meal. Tonight will be the rice/chicken thing and I'll freeze one meal after dinner tonight.

If you need a great pizza really quick!!! Finely chop cooked chicken and mix it with your fav. BBQ sauce. Add a few mushrooms and other vegs you like. I buy Safeway's 4 cheese crust for this. It beats any store bought frozen chicken pizza.


Elaine said...

Have you heard of the "Must GO Dinners"? I hadn't until we went to BC to housesit. Other house-sitters taught us that when we were getting near the time to go home, it was time for a Must Go Dinner. A time when everything in the freezer, fridge and cupboards must go. We usually had three other couples in and had a ball. I think the last one we had, had 2 pork chops, a large piece of fish, and something made with hamburger, plus the veggies, etc. Now I often have a Must Go Dinner here at home.

Petra said...

We love leftovers as well...meatloaf the next day on
sandwiches, chicken in soup, a la king, pizza....the list is endless.
Like you Jean, I cook in quantity
some days so that I can freeze extra meals.

Yes, I use homemade salsa....make two and fire!!!!!!!!!
TRuly...hubby likes it hot!

Jean said...

Elaine: Haven't heard that phrase but I'm game if it goes down the hatch! Good principle, though.
Uh, Petra, I'm sorry -I need Mild- embarrassed to say - but- hot clears the sinuses I'm told.

shirl said...

I remember well Elaine, when you invited us to join your friends for dinner, you said you were having "musgo", that's what it sounded like on the phone to me, so told R.
and he wanted to know what kind of a dish it was,i didn't know but your dinners were always delicious, so i knew it would be good, and it was!
That was our 1st.time hearing "musgo", on the menu, and been having it ever since.
P.S. we always looked foreward to the wonderful white & dark christmas cake you made and brought with you.Delicious!

shirl said...

Talking about salsa," Petra makes wonderful salsa," we received a lovely basket at Christmas that was filled with all sorts of wonderful canning, peach jam, and her yummy candy, which makes my mouth water, just talking about it.The candy was in a sweet little christmas tin and a large can of nuts all wrapped up in cellophane and a big bow.