Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spook - In Memory of Grandma

Just laughing to myself- I'm wandering around the house downstairs via night lights! Our house is a rancher with walkout basement so the "one half" is windowless. That is where our furnace room, water treatment filter thing and my very favorite "sitting room" is. It's actually a combo sitting/storage. (Another post with pic - too dark to find my camera~)

Anyway, I have night lights in every area - when I go to bed they cast a soft glow and make me feel not alone. I jumped up from the computer (bright sunlight) and cruised around like a spook - with the night lights to guide me. Put the lights on in my "sitting" room so could grab the recipes I wanted and then "spooked" back to my computer.

I used to visit overnight with my Grandma when I was about 7 years of age she'd get up in the night and wander around with her flashlight - didn't have night lights then. And I thought she was so weird - well, she was not! Ha,ha,ha.


Elaine said...

Funny how things that we considered wierd when we were young and now coming back to haunt us. I get more like my mother and grandmother with each passing day. Now my daughters are groaning.

Jean said...

Eak- too close to home, Elaine! I even find I use some of Mom's gestures - They seemed so old- now we're ahem - mature!