Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sunshine and Steak

So another crisp sunny day. I am doing only about an hour's work as have to get spiffed up to go for steak dinner tonight.Yup, we're bad, Filet. Medium well. Baked potato, vegs, salad bar. Bad, bad, bad.Maybe, I'll work 2 hours - would that make me good? Anyway, everyone have a wonderful day - I'm putting my thinking cap on as Trish is wondering about planting. I think Petra could toss a few suggestions her way. Address on my sidebar. I know, I should link but I'm so bad at this computing!

So 2.5 hours later I have cut the lilac bush off, raked 3 garbage buckets of pine cones and leaves and dug 2 small beds. It's very nice out for working - the house feels like a sauna. We have 2 hours to get ready for the "journey" to town to S&R's - then off for steak for 6pm. Took pics but can't upload them - I need to call my computer guy to come over before I order a new system - due to the $$$$$$$$$$. Uploaded some pics and they are off in my computer somewhere.
When I find them, I'll post them.


Petra said...

Jean....did you cut the lilac bush
down, to get rid of it, or prune it? In this part of the country we
have to prune right after the flowering has finished. If pruned
in the spring the new flower buds
are cut away and only leaves will

With all the hard work in the garden, you deserve that filet and
all the trimmings. Sounds like
you will be amongstgreat company as
well. Have a lovely evening.

Elaine said...

I have just got back from dinner out with my 2 sons, 1 daughter-in-law and a granddaughter, as it is son #2's 51 birthday. Had Chinese Food and came back to my place for angelfood cake, strawberries and ice cream. Hope you had a gread dinner with S&R> I enjoy hearing from them via phone and email. We had snow all day yesterday, but what we got yesterday, melted today. Still have lots in the yard tho. When you get finished with your yard maybe you could come and do mine. Would love the company.

Jean said...

I had a temper tantrum while trying to clean the pine needles, cedar dry stuff and leaves. The lilac was in bud - it has gone to plant heaven. I could have waited for it to bloom but the yd. won out.Actually,I guesss I should have left it~~Food and company were delicious!

Jean said...

You know,Elaine, Chinese is a fav. but all food is! Glad you see your fam. like this. Actually, I'd love to help you if you fed me strawberries and cake!The steak was divine and so was the company.