Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Visitors to our Garden

As we walked toward the garden, were delighted to see Mr. and Mrs. Quail having a sun and dust bath. I have a couple large bricks at the end of the tomato bed and they were basking in the warmth.
It crossed my mind that maybe they were picking out a spot to nest as they just drop eggs on shallow depressions, etc. I was kind of glad they hadn't cause I wouldn't disturb them and how could I garden?
Tried to get a pic but the soil and birds blended in so well I just gave up - but I have a pic for you of a male. Of course, showier than the females. Actually, some males have gorgeous turquoise blue chest feathers. Look forward to their first babes and seeing them run - just like Road Runner- can't even see their tiny legs spinning so fast.


Elaine said...

Loved watching the quail whenever we were housesitting in Westbank. We also had the pleasure of watching a pair of geese in the back yard but enjoyed the quail more. I brought home a lovely piece of pottery with a quail on it and a nice picture that I have hanging in my home. Memories are wonderful things aren't they?

Trish said...

Love the pic! What a majestic-looking gentleman! Don't you just love it when the birds choose your place as a safe place to land for awhile?

Jean said...

Morning ladies- well, afternoon now! Hope all is well in your corners of the world:)