Friday, March 30, 2007

Time Well Spent ~~~

Are any of my readers going to follow the NHL playoffs and if so, who's your team?
I am a hockey nut and try not to miss games but as it gets closer to the Stanley Cup they interfere with my baseball and gardening. I guess someone could hook a TV up in the garden for me. My neighbors already think I'm weird so ---prove it. The reason I'm weird to them is for my composting attempts and garden ingredients. One spring I collected dry grass from them and worked it into my garden. The snap peas were way over my head and I'm 5'4" A pic around here somewhere which I'll post.

Anyway, back to hockey, the Canucks are in, I think. Good for them. Poor Marc Crawford.


Elaine said...

Sorry to say, I'm not a hocky fan. I do keep up with the curling and figure skating - does that make me a wimp????

Jean said...

Nope- I once heard an NHL player talking about the great difficulty of fig skating! One of my best freidns is a FS teacher and she said it's a very diff sport!