Monday, April 30, 2007

Another Beauty

It's another great day out there! Sun, beautiful sun. A very busy day, though. Have to run to town and pick up our taxes, pay our cable bill because I forgot to set up automatic payment (!), call our med/dental plan, start turning the garden over, buy chicken wire to prevent cats from "using" my garden, iron more uniforms to take to the consignment Tuesday. And blog!

Have a lovely day, Ladies. Be sure to take some time for yourself today.


Elaine said...

Hi: It is a nice day here too although a bit windy. We had a nice shower overnight so now the grass will green up.

I agree that we all need to take time for ourselves or spoil ourselves some time. Last Friday one of the Flower Shops in town has changed owners and had an officiatl opening. One of their specials was a stem of orchids on half price, so I bought two just for me and one to take to a friend that is going through Chemo. now.
They assured me that the flowers would open right up to the tip, so we'll see. Have a great day.

Jean said...

What a dear friend you are! I had orchids for grad! many moons ago!