Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rice - A - Roni Meatballs

Mix 1 lb. burger with the vermicelli/rice mixture and one egg. Form meatballs. Cover cookie sheet with foil, spray with pam and bake at 325 for about 30 min. Shake them to keep them round.

While they are cooking, mix 4 cups water, 1 pkg onion soup mix and the seasoning pkg from the RAR. Let it sit for a bit and be sure it is well dissolved.

Place the MB in a roaster so they are in a single layer. Pour your water mix over and put lid on roaster - ck often and add a tad of water if nec.

I bake them at least an hour on about 300. Then drain the wonderful gravy and thicken it. We serve the gravy over mashed potatoes with the MB and also, I make a pasta dish: Cook rotini and drain. add sauteed mushrooms. onions and lots of mozzarella cheese. Mix well - add pasta sauce of your choice. Mix. Top each serving with # MB you want and parm. Alll of this freezes well incld. the mash pot. if they are covered with gravy!!!!Enjoy!The pic is from several months ago with spaghetti.

***Now I'd like a fav. recipe from you ladies.


Elaine said...

Sounds real good Jean. I'll be trying it with Bison Burger tho as that is what my son has and provides for me. Have you ever tried Bison meat? Hard to tell it from beef, but much less fat. Kevin has about 90 head on the farm, including a dozen or so calves so far. He also has 30 or so horses - they are just pets, and hay burners. He wouldn't have to put up so many bales if he just had the Bison. He has always loved horses tho, so I guess he's allowed.

Jean said...

yes, I bot it from a butcher shop a few years ago - it's like anything else - have to get used to it. these MB are so easy and so yummy!