Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Depressed

We've worked in the garden for 4 hours. I dug 2 beds and weeded two walkways of weeds and grass. There are 8 beds in total and the boards are all rotted and need replacing. The tomato bed is 2' x 27' and all it's boards are rotten, too.

Oh, and cut the back lawn.

The garden still needs to be planted and the pool bed also. I'm in a Catch 22 - can't stay and can't go. Any words of wisdom out there?


Elaine said...

You're beginning to sound like me; I've been trying to decide just what I should do. The yard is too much, I really live in only half of my house, but condos are expensive, the seniors apartments are too small, the only decent apartment block in town has no elevator and hardly anyone moves out of the main floor and I don't want to have to carry everything up a flight or two of stairs. Let me know when/if you figure out the right thing to do. My sister in Ontario is planning to move out to Saskatoon and thinks I should move there also. WHAT TO DO!!!

Jean said...

I sure would Elaine - got to be as comfortable as you can be. the good thing is you would have your sister.Maybe sharing a nice large apt. with her?

Petra said...

Perhaps you could look into a
gardening service...mow lawn,
spring and fall would certainly take the strain off
you to some extent. I do realize
these services cost, but you will
not know until you check....

Jean said...

Thanks, Petra.Or go with Hon's solution and lay gravel! Ever since we graveled front bed he thinks this is the way to go.Kind of funny.