Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No idea why Buddy, the cat, likes his little cage so much. He is a former SPCA cat and after spending 7 months in a cage, you'd think he'd run the opposite direction.

We leave it propped open so he can come and go. For the past years, we have gone to a lake and parked the camper. He was free to roam around the camper but would often sit in his cage. My Man has a theory that he feels secure in it - no one can step on him, etc.

For camping, we bought a dog cage so he had lots of room- we'd take him outside and let him enjoy the fresh air. Busy boy watching ducks and sea gulls just feet away from him.

One day a fellow was sitting a couple sites over and said, "When I come back, I want to be your cat". Struck me funny.


Petra said...

Greenplanetimages....Is Andrew
your brother????Somehow his
artwork looks very familiar.

Jean said...

You are very perceptive- yes, oh, Madame detective!Did you click it today- too funny. He will get a laugh from your smarts!