Thursday, April 26, 2007

Out of the Deep

Well, time sure flies when you're having fun. I have been in my pantry downstairs. Tossing all kinds of things. I have quite a few flower vases and only kept the unique ones. How does it collect? Does 42 years of marriage have anything to do with it?

I brought some stuff up to cook for tonight with the chops - I seriously could keep us for 6 months living on veg and beans, rice etc. Am such a worry wort - I have to have lots of everything. My Hon used to tease me that if Safeway shorted on toilet tissue they could always call me for some!

Ol' sassy pants there.

Hope you Ladies are having a good day - we are getting showers - should have put the seeds in the perennial bed last night. I so envy you, Petra, having your garden in!


\Petra said...

Jean, Ray read your comment on the
surplus of your pantry...including
the toilet paper and cracked up. He did not think there was another
person alive, aside from my mother
who stocked the larder to overflowing. I honestly have enough bummy wipe to keep us going
for a year and a half. I usually
buy in bulk and we have two freezers full (one chest and one
upright). I have enough soap
(for dishes, personal use and laundry for a year, as well. If it is on sale, I buy in bulk.
Something very comforting about it
for me....

Jean said...

Ask Shirl about Louie's room! And how it got it's name.