Thursday, April 26, 2007

Worms Galore

So I just came in from rooting around in my garden. I put a 4" layer of pinecones and dry cedar clean out over one bed. There were only about 4 weeds and 4 green onions! but, the worms. Yum.

Anyway, I think I'll turn the garden over this weekend and plant it next week. Today was only 5 degrees out here so a might chilly for toms but I'll seed stuff. I usually put the cages over the toms and cover with recycling bags so they have a mini greenhouse each til evening temps are Ok. I ran out of breath - that was a terribly long sentence. Did you fall asleep?

Watered my babies in the pool bed they are all happy. Even the picky peonies. Weeded it again on the far end. Compost bin #1 is full but I tossed some worms in and a drink of water so it will cook.

I promise to quit writing about gardening soon (for sure by Sept.) but it's just so darn exciting ~ ~ ~


Petra said...

Talk all you want about to hear what you are doing.

Our veggie garden is ringed with old railroad ties, in which a family of garter snakes live. On a hot, sunny day, you can see them
sunning themselves on the tops of the peony rings. Have a couple of
toads living in the garden as well.
Have provided them shelter under
the lily leaves...used an old clay
flower pot and cover most of it
with dirt....they do use it....
so much fun to see. Will provide
pictures soon of our yard,
waiting for the 40 peony plants
to be blooming (planted in groups
of 10_)By that time, the scarecrows
should be ensconced in the veggie

Jean said...

can't wait

Jean said...

Try to get a pic of the snakes- I've never seen that!