Monday, April 23, 2007

A Salute to Working Moms

Wouldn't it be nice if all wives and mothers could stay home and not have to work outside the home? (That is if they choose to) I know so many Moms who give it their all at work and come home and give to their families. They do a tremendous job and I salute them.

I worked after the kids were in school and did it sporadically by choice. My Hon had a business which allowed him to be home after school. etc. and make the meal at night. Then once Chef was old enough, I paid him to plan, cook and clean up - I worked 7:15am to about 5:30pm so grateful for the help. He was about 14 then so I knew it was worth it to have a nice meal on the table at night.

Many ladies I know would choose to be suzy homemaker and have everything perfect but often Life does not allow that. Please know that I admire you all!


Elaine said...

Hi Jean: I also worked after the kids were in school. Hubby drove a school bus, and once they were in Junior High, they were expected to make supper and also help with other household and yard duties. We had a Native boy living with us when he and our 2 boys were in high school. One day he called me at work and said "I'm at home, what do you want for supper"? I said that there was hamburger defrosting and he knew the rules re supper: must include meat(Or other protein), potatoes (or rice, etc), vegetable, salad and if they wanted add dessert. When we drove in the driveway, there he was putting it on the table. He thanked me many times for teaching him how to cook, clean, do laundry etc. He became a teacher and is doing very well. Makes one feel pretty good.

Jean said...

Yeah for you! And for him. too.