Monday, April 23, 2007

She's Just So Cool!!!

I had a pair old navy sweats which were so comfortable but so cheap in quality. They would shrink terribly after every wash/dry but they were for housework so I didn't care. Picked Dad up one day & decided to swing by A&W - he loved it and it was lunch hour!
So the drive thru is very busy and I parked and told Dad it would be quicker for me to run in. In my thread bare sweats which were well over my ankles and my runners with no socks "cause I'm just picking Dad up & going to our house." I smiled at group of high school girls and said hi. They stiffled a giggle and then it hit like a ton of bricks. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I'm in those sweats, no soxs. Could I die right there please? Turned around to look at Dad- as if he could help- and he was laughing so hard!


Petra said...

cracking up at the image in my mind, but more at myself than you!!
Do not know how many times I have
buzzed up to the post office here
in my grimmy garden clothes, with
dirt still clinging to my knees
and under my fingernails. That is
usually the time when I run into
half of my neighbours, all smelling
fresh, neatly coiffed, and wearing
smart little outfits. Oh well,.....still giggling.

Jean said...

One morning I almost left for work in my PJ bottoms as they were navy and my uni was navy- I didn't get out the door but caught it as I was getting my shoes on.