Friday, April 27, 2007

So it didn't get better- - -

Checking out my trusty fridge for "quick and easy" offerings for tonight - A hockey team is playing and I want to watch. Refuse to say their name but it's the "You know Who's" against Anaheim.

We're in luck! Leftover roast beef, gravy, cheese slices - I smell one yummy grilled sandwich for supper.

We're out of luck! I picked up the gravy container and I hadn't put the lid on well and you can guess the rest of the story. All over my feet & shoes, thru the fridge grate and of course, splattered all over fridge, floor, cabinet. I had to see the humor of it all as Buddy, the cat, came sauntering in to check out the commotion. Christmas!The old bat finally game me something yummy - to lick from the wall!


Petra said...

Call it the rinse cycle!!!!!LOL

Elaine said...

I'm glad to hear of those kinds of things happening to someone else. Some days just seem to be meant for accidents like that. Dropping things, then having to pick them up. Oh well, what else were you going to do today except clean your fridge, your floor and your shoes??

Jean said...

Polish silver? Ha,ha.Oh, right, my stuff is all dried up.

Trish said...

Thanks Mom! Love, Buddy