Saturday, April 21, 2007

So a little bird told me that Petra has been gardening like crazy! What have you planted?


Petra said...

Thepotatoes, turnips, broccoli,
cabbage, beets (detroit red, gold
detroit, and striped heirloom),
romaine lettuce, radish, red leaf
Swiss chard, bell peppers, jalopena
peppers, green beans, wax beans,
roma tomatoes, heirloom pink and
rutgers. My herb garden includes,
chives, Italian basil, red basil,
cilantro (for the salsa!!)and peppermint ( I dry the leaves and
make my own tea).

The flower garden is mostly perennial, save for a shady spot,,,where I did plant some hot
pink impatiens in front of Annabelle hydrangea bush.

Today, my back aches but oh, it
does feel good to have it all done!!!!

Elaine said...

Petra: I can't imagine having the gardening all done by April 22. Here we don't do much before the middle of May, and it was always potatoe planting day when we had the May 24 holiday for the Queen's Birthday. You certainly plant a variety of beets, I haven't tried the gold or striped heirloom. I am not familiar with the term "rutgers", maybe we call them rutabagas (turnips)??My flower garden is mostly perennials also.
I have had the regular and choc. mint leaves and made tea. Nice.

Jean said...

good for you! what a lot of work.

Petra said...

Elaine, Rutgers is a tomatoe , very common in this area....great for sauces etc, much like the roma,
except the romas are almost all meat, very little juice in the fruit.

Normally we can put things out mid
April. We did experience a very heavy frost for a few nights that
blackened our lilac leaves but
the blossoms are now breaking out,
which is late for here. We are a zone 5B-6.

As a CAnadian (Calgary) and coming from a zone 3, this is a lovely change.