Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sweethearts at DQ - - - Again!

We didn't plan to go - it was one of those things - drove into Safeway parking lot to buy stuff for supper and the hockey game. That means quick and easy tonight. It was so busy I parked at the far lot facing DQ - we looked up and kind of both drooled in unison. How about bad DQ instead of those salad ingredients we had planned?
We sprinted in and our booth was free!!! We sat down and reminisced and then ordered. "Two double cheese burgers, small fries and a Pepsi" - uh, yes, a #8 meal. Two, please."
Years ago we would stop after work on Thursday nights which was my Friday. Maybe once per month but we'd get burgers and sit with a coffee after a long day at work. And always sat in "our booth". It was so touching a thing and my Man loved it, too! He remembered the good times there.
Thank You, God, for memories.


Trish said...

How sweet! In more ways than one...

Jean said...