Monday, April 23, 2007

Tranformation - New Bride into Devil

So we offered our home for a couple who were wedding quietly and away from the crowds. My sis generously offered to take their wedding pics. She stood in the kitchen and aimed thru the pass - thru to get shots during the ceremony. We "tried" to prepare the house but forgot to remove 3 horns in our living room. (They took their vows in our dining room.)
Shirl couldn't have set the pic up better if she tried. (That was random, right, Shirl, ha,ha.)In one shot the bride wore a set of horns! Too funny for words. When her new husband saw the pic, his response was, "I said I do and she turned into a devil". I'm sure she turned back into a lovely young thing, though.
I may have tossed the pics but if I find it will post it.
One interesting thing is the justice of the peace wore blue suede shoes. He was "old" - probably my age now! Maybe it was in honor of Elvis, ha.


Elaine said...

Our youngest daughter is a Photographer. When she first started out, she would come home, look at our pictures and say "what a beautiful wall and who are those little people", we soon learned to get up close and personal with our picture subjects. We also learned to look at the background, to make sure no one had a tree growing out of their head etc.

Jean said...

It's funny how we "amateurs" don't look for those things but it makes for good conversation later!And we've got a lot of fun from that one. Thanks Shirl!

Petra said...

The neat thing about the new digital cameras is that we can now
preview all pictures we wish to keep!!!!

Trish said...

You are hilarious tonight! I needed a good laugh and I knew you wouldn't disappoint me!