Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 1

Morning, Everyone. Just gathering our stuff to go "picnicking". It's a feast. We're taking books to read and the camera for posterity, hee, hee. We have a very hot day here - it's 24 in the house which is about 78-80 degrees. Won't put the air on being we are going out. Our basement is a haven - almost too cool. Am I ever happy???

Decided Wednesdays will be our fun or easy day - seems I could work everyday. Although gardening is pleasure, I thought it would be nice to do something specific on Wednesdays - so, today the picnic.

Hope you all have a good day whatever your plans are.


Petra said...

What at neat idea! Hubby will have
Wednesdays to look forward to and

Jean said...

Hi Petra - how are things? Are You eating from your garden, yet? Yes, seems it's too easy to let the weeks go by - we needed a day to remember.
Take care.

shirl said...

The weather is lovely, i know your going to have a wonderful day together, & you always make a yummy lunch, wish we could join you instead of having to wait for shaw tv.
Have fun!

Petra said...

Yup...eating romaine lettuce and
radishes and ruby Swiss Char, the green beans and wax beans are setting on flowers as are the potatoes. Have been eating rhubarb since April and will continue eating from the rhubarb
till late Sept. The tomatoes are
getting taller and fuller and the
cabbages, broccoli are getting big
as well.

Jean said...

taking pics?