Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"We Spotted a Weirdo"

Elaine asked if I had a pic of my wet pants - no pic. They are hanging in the garage and dry now. Being they were full of garden soil and dust, I was a walking mud pie. Sure felt yucky - at first I decided I'd walk around and they would dry in no time but they were too muddy.

Had just taken a pic of the friendly neighborhood RCMP who search for grow ops - those poor boys will never be the same again. Being I knew Rob wasn't home from work yet, I slipped my pants off on the back step.

How strange - they haven't flown over today - probably haven't recovered.

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Petra said...

smiling here.....I have worked many a day with muddy feet, simply
because I wear flip flops....hate
sneakers in the hot, humid summers.
Came in today, covered in dirt.
Amazing how soil clings to sweaty
Well at least, you get a fly over
daily if you chose to remove
work pants at the back door!!!
Great safety feature.