Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Word of the Week

conditioners - have fun, kids.

now I better get to bed!


Petra said...

conditioners......dose, doe, cone, tone, toner, drone, crone, son, sir, tire, dire, sire, dine, rind, diction, con tres, crest, trice, rote, rite , roe, cod, scrod,scoot,
dot, dit,

Elaine said...

conditioners --- condo, none, door, root, notion, end, send, tend, rose, nose, tin, ten, den,

Petra said...

diet, dent, tide, dote tried

Kim said...

This looks like fun!!
conditioners~~ onions, notice,nose,
note,notes, rinse, code,codes, not,cot, cots,diner, dice, diet, tend,nicer, condo,notion, tier, done, nice, toon, rest, tide,ride,rider, snore,score, send, sent.
thanks for letting me play.
take care.