Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yikes! Word of the day - Families

I tried to stay up til midnight to post the Thursday word & couldn't - then forgot this morn. Anyway, "families" is it. I have to go to the garden for a bit and then I'll post my list - which I haven't made yet, ha,ha.


shirl said...

I just came down stairs to bring R. a drink of ice water, & on my way back, could'nt resist just taking a quick peek at your blog....& there was the word families,just thought i would
add a couple of words am, lie, lies,
mile, sea, lime, now back to cleaning up the porch.

Elaine said...

Here are my words: male, fame, slam lame, if, sale, Sam, file, fail.

Kim said...

mail, lies, SMILE, meals, Mike, sea, same, safe, lame,

Just wanted to say Hi! and wish everyone a nice day.!

Jean said...

slim, meal, same, flame, smile, file, slime (yum), miles, limes,

thanks everyone!