Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Few of My Thoughts - Not to be Taken as Medical Advice

As I look back on the initial stages of our journey, there were no "dramatic" happenings which led me to believe my Hon had Alzheimer's. At his young age of 58, this would never have entered my mind - Alzheimer's affects "old" people, right?

If you have a concern about a loved one, look for deviation from normal in the small things. In my experience, the disease doesn't manifest itself one day - like measles, etc. It's a slow and very puzzling process. But the catch here is, the puzzling stuff keeps happening til it becomes more serious and/or noticeable.

Persons suffering in the initial stages are very adapt at masking or "having a system" to get thru their day. Remember, they too, are stressed about what is happening and very confused.

If you feel a loved one has a problem with "deviations from normal", get to your family doctor ASAP. He/She may hesitate and chalk it up to stress or a million other things but get pro-active. Request a full work up of tests to eliminate any physical problem.

And remember, it takes a geriatric psychiatrist to be able to diagnose the disease so get a referral. They order the scans and MRI's, etc.

With the new medications, time is of the essence.


Petra said...

An excellent commentary Jean!

Jean said...

Thanks, Petra. From you, I take that a a major compliment.

Kim said...

I believe this disease got the majortity of the seniors I knew when I was young- I remember my Grandma loosing all sense of time-and how bad I felt when leaving her. I don't know if she truly had it or not because she well into 80's when she passed.

Jean said...

Kim, this is what I find so difficult -my Man was 58 when diagnosed - but it could be worse. We still love each other forever. So sorry about your Grandma.

Trish said...

Very good advice and interesting -- I think of you and pray for you everyday.