Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clothes Line!

I love hanging our linens out! Just stepped out to a warm day with a strong breeze - I don't hang clothing out as hate those "clothes pin marks" but towel, sheets, etc. Love the wonderful fragrance when I bring them in.

Dad welded me a clothes line years ago and when we sold the house, I asked the lady if I could return in April after the yard thawed. She agreed but in April refused to let me have the line! I would have paid her for a new one but "no go". Of course, everyone said we should have had it in writing - good grief. Our word is our bond but I guess not everyone.

Anyway, there is a happy ending! Mom no longer used her line (which Dad had made) so I do have a good one - just not the same. I often wondered if she used it or tossed it in the landfill or sold it or - - -


s said...

I remember the line,Dad made us one when we lived in Calgary.I loved the
basket holder,then we had an awning
outfit make us a cover to fit the top of the line, which gave us an umbrella. We drilled 4 holes in the stem,put 4 steel type dowels in the holes, cut a piece of plywood in a round shape cut the circle in half and set on the dowels. used gate slider under the table to hold it together and added a couple of webbed chairs and voila', we had our 1st. patio set. When i wanted it back to a clothes line, just removed the table.

I just want to say i hope you keep your blogg up as i enjoy it everyday and love all the pics. you put up,good job!

Jean said...

the basket holder was/is brilliant.