Friday, August 17, 2007

Demolition Wasn't on the List - - -

Well, I have my lists made for August thru December! August has 25 items and got 3 things off it today - only 22 to go! Bleech!

Actually, hope you don't think I'm too weird but do most of it myself and have to start early and work away at things. Today the kitchen table and chairs were scrubbed and polished - the chrome part. Also, I took all the towels out of the downstairs bath and sorted them. Found treasures! One thing is a lovely jade color soap dish which I bought years ago and "lost". Happily carried it upstairs and dropped it on the floor - a 1000 pieces later - it doesn't pay to houseclean.

Worried I was a walking wrecker, I decided to sort the closet hangers and tossed so many - some people in my family will not believe that but I actually tossed them - into the recycling bag!

Off to do chore #4 - have to choose something unbreakable:)

Yeah, the kitchen cabinets are Murphied! I love that stuff. Tonight I planned to only do the lower ones but got a burst of energy and voila! Done til next year - oh, that's music to my ears.

The greatest pleasure is ticking off another job on my clip board. Yeah!


Kim said...

Was it a case of butterfingers? I'm sorry about your soap dish but am happy that you were able to check off another task.
Happy Cleaning!

Jean said...

Hey, you're back! Yup, total butter fingers:) Have a good visit??

Debbie said...

It is very nice to be able to check something off a list. Good for you. Sorry about the soap dish.