Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Honda Civic Confusion - - -

So the warranty is now over for our Honda Civic - paid for life time oil changes so arrive at the drive in service desk. "Yes, Jean, your due for your oil change and blah,blah to do with the air conditioner."

OK, I can live with that. What I expected to be a free visit now is $70. Still can live with that.
Told him I would bring the car in for 56,000 km servicing in Oct. when we mount the winter tires. (Yes, October, we live in Canada:) He said no service is required?? (There was a little sticker in the window saying bring your wallet and car at 56,000.)

Couldn't tell me when the studded tires were legally able to be mounted. Suggested I call ICBC, our friendly neighborhood insurer. Uh, you're the service manager and I'm just a non-mechanical wild lady driver. Seems to me you should know. I will ask my BIL.

But the reason I sat down to whine and complain was: why is there nothing to do now that that warranty is over?? I was paying $400. plus several times a year (depending on mileage) to keep warranty valid. Now it's over, I'm told I need nothing. Why did I need so much 4 months ago?? Do I smell a rat?

Could some guy (or mechanical woman) please explain - was I just getting ripped off?

"I am Woman Hear Me Roar" - remember Helen Reddy?? I'll be roaring if it was a rip off.


Kim said...

Something smells fishy!! and someone somewhere knows the answers- call them on it or have your insurer explain. Until then- keep roaring.

Jean said...

I think so, Kim. Also, if any men have opinions, pls let me know.
I considered calling the Honda dealership manager to have him explain to me when I need "what" done as far as service is concerned.